Thursday, November 27, 2008

What is luck?

I've read this article yesterday while flying to Bulgaria. It was talking about luck and humanity's quest of trying to define luck. I didn't know that some scientists do nothing else other than measuring luck in a society. Turns out that the majority of people consider themselves unlucky, especially in Germany. Funny that. And apparently Eli Lilly has developed a drug which makes people happier - well, it's just an anti-depressant!

To cut a long story short, here's the formula for becoming a lucky person:

1. Nurture your friendships
2. Write a diary for "luck": every evening, list 5 positive things that happened during your day
3. Just do things (stop playing the victim)

So here are my five positive things of the week:
1. My dad is still alive
2. I'm able to visit my best friend in Bulgaria
3. I'm healthy enough to wander the streets of Sofia for hours
4. I can't stop eating
5. I played Sqash today and won every game

What are your happy "things" these days?

1 comment:

Andrea said...

hey gorgeous girl!
Thank you for your post...I woke up this morning feeling completely down in the dumps, unable to even start the working day let alone the week, so I thought let me squizz on the net and see if our Maha added something onto her travel blog. Low and behold you did and it was exactly what I needed ...what a great perspective to get me out of my stupor!
I love you gorgeous girl and one thing on my list will be that I have such great friends like you in my life...what a blessing!

Keep the updates coming, oh happy one!